Secret Vegetarian and Vegan Resources Revealed Below...

Who Else Wants to Save Themselves
Hours of Frustration and Difficulty
Finding Vegan and Vegetarian Products, Restaurants, and Menu Items


You Can Laugh At These
Common Vegan and Vegetarian Worries --
If You Follow This Simple Plan

Read My Letter Below Which Describes this Step by Step Method


Eliminate the Struggle to Find True Vegetarian/Vegan Products, Restaurants, and Ingredients

Quickly and Easily Identify Hidden Animal Ingredients On Food Lables.

If You Don't Obtain The Above Results From This Kit, I'll Personally Refund Your Money,
No Questions Asked.

Please Read My Letter to You Below for the Full Story...



In our recent survey, over 57% of vegetarians and vegans reported that their biggest frustrations with their diet are finding suitable foods and products or eating at restaurants and fast food venues. Others described frustration at discovering (after it was too late) that they had unknowingly consumed hidden animal products in their food.

If this is you, please read the personal letter I've written below. This may be the most important letter you read today regarding your Vegetarian or Vegan journey. Discover how You Can Eliminate 95% of the Frustration and Difficulty mentioned above by Instantly Downloading Our "How to Avoid Animal Ingredients Kit."

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Dear Friend,

If you can spare 8 minutes to read this letter I will show you something that I personally guarantee will transform your shopping and eating experience as a vegan or vegetarian.

When you download our product, here is just some of what you'll discover:

  • Eliminate 95% of your frustration regarding reading ingredient labels with our Glossary of 612 Hidden Ingredients and 1008 Alcoholic Beverages. It defines clearly whether they are vegetarian, vegan, or neither.
  • Never struggle to find vegan/vegetarian restaurants and products again! Sound impossible? Discover our secret sources of thousands of Vegetarian and Vegan products, restaurants, and grocery stores worldwide.
  • Easily identify which companies test on animals and which do not. See our list of 511 companies that DO NOT test on animals and 44 that do.

Has a Restaurant Ever served you "Vegetarian Soup"
made with Chicken Broth?

Have You Ever Discovered That The Burrito You Just Ate
Had Beans Flavored with Lard?

Have You Ever Ordered a Bland Salad
(The only vegetarian menu option)
While Your Friends Feasted on 4 Course Meals at a Restaurant?

If so, read on....

I've heard from many vegetarians and vegans, and a large percentage describe frustration with trying to find suitable products, menu items, and foods. It seems that when you find a good resource, it only solves part of the problem. If you buy a good book on ingredient labels, you are still frustrated by meat-eating restaurant cooks using chicken broth in your "vegetable" soup. If you find a great directory of vegetarian grocers, and you buy most of your groceries at a vegetarian health food store, you will inevitably need to run to the corner store to pick up something you were missing. When looking at the product label, you have this nagging feeling that the mysterious chemical on the label could be from a pig's intestines. Or worse yet, after eating, you discover that the flavored crackers you ate with your meal were flavored with lard.

This frustration is precisely why I've created this multimedia information kit. It attempts to solve all the problems together. I've listed the problems below and how this kit solves them:



Difficulty deciphering chemical names on product labels

E-Book 1: Hidden Animal Ingredients Revealed lists 612 hidden ingredients found on many product labels It lists whether they are vegan or vegetarian and offers alternatives.


Difficulty finding vegetarian and vegan options at fast food chains

E-Book 4: Practical Tips on Avoiding Animal Ingredients contains a section devoted to fast food chains and which of their menu items are vegetarian or vegan.


Difficulty finding restaurants that cater to vegetarians and vegans.

E-Book 3: Secret Sources of Hundreds of Vegan, Vegetarian, and Cruelty-Free Products offers access to our password protected website which lets you search 6 databases of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and more! (page 55)


Difficulty finding vegan and vegetarian ingredients for cooking at home.

E-Book 3: Secret Sources of Hundreds of Vegan, Vegetarian, and Cruelty-Free Products Lists 196 Vegan and Vegetarian Food Manufacturers. (starting on page 4). E-Book 4 also gives products you can find in your average grocery stores which are vegan and vegetarian.


Difficulty finding cosmetics, personal care, and household products that aren't corrupted by animal ingredients or animal testing.

E-Book 3: Secret Sources of Hundreds of Vegan, Vegetarian, and Cruelty-Free Products Lists 511 companies that don't test on animals, and 44 that do.


Difficulty identifying alcoholic beverages that are free from animal ingredients.

E-Book 2: 1008 Alcoholic Beverages: Vegan, Vegetarian, or Neither lists 1008 alcoholic beverages and identifies those which are free from animal ingredients.


Restaurants near you do not offer vegetarian or vegan options.

E-Book 5: The Vegetarian Letter Writing Kit gives essential tips for writing letters to these restaurants. Form letters are included which you can modify in minutes and send to restaurants to encourage them to offer vegetarian and vegan menu items.


Grocery stores near you do not offer vegetarian or vegan products. E-Book 5: The Vegetarian Letter Writing Kit gives letter writing tips (mentioned above) and also includes easily modifiable form letters that you can send to grocery stores to encourage them to place vegetarian and vegan products on their shelves.

Given the facts above, I believe the this multimedia information kit is the most comprehensive resource to avoiding animal ingredients available for sale on the Internet. But don't take my word for it. Here is what a few vegetarians and vegans have said...

Thank you very much for the information you provided. I look forward to learning more about my new vegan lifestyle! The database looks great! Easy to use.


Your site is fantastic and its great to see people working for a meat and cruelty free future.

Kind regards,

But it doesn't stop there. For my past books I've received tons of positive reviews, both online and in print publications. Many of these I have saved.

Peek Into My File Folder Stuffed With 58 Positive Reviews
From Magazine Editors, Doctors, Librarians, and Others

You may have your doubts about this product. You may know of other authors who have claimed to solve the above problems, and failed. I completely understand these doubts, but read on to let me show you how this product can absolutely solve the frustrations of vegetarians and vegans I listed above.

I have been creating reference works like these for a number of years, and have always received great reviews on the books that I and my staff have produced (You can read past reviews yourself by searching for my name "Chad Kimball" on and looking at the books with the red covers). In fact, I have a file folder in my office that contains Xeroxed copies of 58 positive reviews of my previous books from magazine editors, librarians, and other reviewers. Obviously I don't have the space in this letter to reprint them all, but here are some excerpts from reviews of previous products:

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you... on your excellent new publication. We are not aware of any other compilation of consumer information which is this extensive and complete. Please convey our compliments to all of your staff who played a part in the development of the book.

Again, our congratulations on an excellent product.

J.P. Smith


The Vegetarian Sourcebook organizes... the answers to the most common questions concerning vegetarian diets and lifestyles. This title is recommended for public and secondary school libraries.

Amy Paster
Associate Librarian,
Pennsylvania State University Life Sciences Library

Chad Kimball's Vegetarian Sourcebook is a basic consumer guide to different vegetarian diets and their affects on health. Chapters offer tips on adopting vegetarianism while meeting nutritional needs, and include plenty of basic information on vegetarian diets as they affect pregnant women, children, and seniors.

... invaluable references for public and school library collections alike.

Library Bookwatch, April 2003


This book is fascinating...


The strengths of this book are many. It is clearly written, presented, and structured. The book is easily readable, and there is a glossary at the end of the book which helps to explain technical terms. It covers a broad range of topics... the information that is contained is generally appropriate, accurate, informative, and up-to-date.

Alexander K.C. Leung, FRCP (UK), FRCPCH
The University of Calgary
Alberta Children's Hospital



... another invaluable tool.

... a superb resource for parents.

This book is a value whatever its price.


Recommended picks both for specialty health library collections and any general consumer health reference collection

... exceptional.

The Bookwatch,
April 2001


This comprehensive "source-book" pulls all that material together, and more. This amazing compilation is a must have... unlike so many other books, this effort offers solutions that are eminently sensible and successful.

Clifford E. Simonsen,
Security Management


Eliminate Hours of Fruitless Searching On the Internet

You may ask, "Can't I get this kind of information on the Internet for free?"

Many vegetarians and vegans have told us, no matter how much they search the Internet for the kind of information we're providing, they can't seem to find what they're looking for. They spend hours and hours on the Internet with fruitless searches, frustration, or very little information to result from their labor.

Here are some direct quotes from a recent survey we completed of vegetarians and vegans. When asked "What information is most difficult for you to find about vegetarianism?" They said:

"Often I find definitions to words that are actually animal ingredients in foods I eat ignorantly,
and it's too late."

"Where to obtain exotic ingredients for international vegetarian cuisines."

"Information on alcohol and cigarettes. Which one's are compassionate and do not test on or contain animal products."

"What's actually in entrees in restaurants?"

These vegetarians and vegans have searched the Internet, and come up empty. The "How to Avoid Animal Ingredients Kit" answers all these questions and more.

Books Like This Used to Only Be Available
In the Reference Section of the Library

I've Made an Exclusive, 70 Dollar Library Reference Book
Available at Over 50% Discount

In the past, if vegetarians couldn't find the information they needed, they went to the library to read our books which were which were extremely expensive (around $70 to $80), and available only in the reference section, not for checking out. That is why we created this kit. We've created a resource that normally only a library would have, and made it available so you can own a copy yourself.

Not only is it $70-$80 resource, available for you at less than half the price, but you don't have to sit in the reference section to read it.

We've spent months researching, sorting through the false and outdated information, bringing you the best information we could find. In fact, we've thrown out pages and pages of research because it did not meet our requirements. My experience as a reference book editor and researcher drove me to throw out a lot of information that many would consider accurate, but my critical evaluation revealed damaging flaws and inaccuracies that I would not stand for in this kit. It would take you many hours to find the information we've brought to the table, and some of our sources you may not find at all!

Again, this is library-quality material, as our books have always been.

Here is what one reviewer said of one of my past books:

It is hard to imagine that any other single resource exists that would provide such a comprehensive guide of timely information... This volume is highly recommended...

Ann Thompson,
American Reference Books


To Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians and Non-Strict Vegetarians

You may say, "I'm a non-strict vegetarian or a lacto-ovo vegetarian (vegetarian who eats dairy and eggs). This kit seems to be designed for vegans, not me."

The great thing about this kit is that it is designed to benefit the entire vegetarian community. Here are just a few of the tools that are of particular benefit to lacto-ovo vegetarians or non-strict vegetarians:

  • E-book #3 "Secret Sources of Hundreds of Vegan, Vegetarian, and Cruelty-Free Products" provides you with password access to the world's most comprehensive databases of vegetarian restaurants, grocers, and veggie food manufacturers, and health food stores.
  • One of the downloadable videos is entirely devoted to essential nutritional information about both vegan and vegetarian diets.
  • Find vegetarian alcoholic beverages quickly and easily! Going out with friends to a bar? Bringing wine to a family gathering? How will you know which alcoholic beverages are vegetarian? Our dictionary of 1008 alcoholic beverages indicates whether a beverage is vegetarian, vegan, or NON-vegetarian.
  • E-book #3 "Secret Sources of Hundreds of Vegan, Vegetarian, and Cruelty-Free Products" Includes a list of 196 Vegetarian Food Manufacturers that provide everything from vegetarian cookies to meat substitutes to soy products and more!
  • E-Book #5, The letter writing kit enables you to quickly and efficiently contact your local grocery stores and restaurants to encourage them to carry more vegetarian options.
  • E-Book #6: "How to Avoid False Advertising Claims Targeting Vegetarians and Vegans" goes in depth to reveal advertising ploys that are designed to deceive not only vegans, but vegetarians and non-strict vegetarians as well.
  • E-Book #7: "The Vegetarian Nutrition Resource Book" lists over 30 recommended books on various aspects of vegetarian nutrition, exact website addresses for over 65 articles regarding vegetarian nutrition, over 100 recommended resources, pamphlets, websites, and books for vegetarian infants, pregnant women, vegetarian adolescents, elderly vegetarians, and athletes, resources on preventing diseases with vegetarian and vegan diets, and information on soyfoods and Vegetarian Recipes. In fact, the value of this book alone may be worth the price of the entire kit, and it focuses broadly on vegetarian diets of all kinds.

You may also say, "All of this sounds great, but there are so many other books, videos, and resources for vegetarians and vegans out there..."

How Is This Kit Different from
The Hundreds of Other Vegetarian Resources Out There?

We looked into many of those other options, and frankly, they don't compare to ours. I don't say this to sound arrogant, but simply to state the facts: Many of the books are not up to date, or it is impossible to determine when the information was compiled. Also, all of them focus on only one part of the picture, either ONLY reading labels, or ONLY finding vegetarian restaurants, or ONLY animal rights activism. Our kit is designed to provide all the resources you would need to succeed in your vegan or vegetarian diet. It not only provides resources for reading labels, but also gives nutritional information, resources for finding vegetarian/vegan products both off-line and online, form letters to send to grocery stores and restaurants, downloadable video and audio, and more! As a package, it is the most comprehensive resource for avoiding animal ingredients that we've found in our research.

Some say that you can never eliminate 100% of animal products from your diet, so why spend the money on pursuing this goal? I firmly believe that every vegan and vegetarian needs a system that allows them to avoid animal products in many different situations.

The "How to Avoid Animal Ingredients Kit" will empower you to succeed in hundreds of different challenging situations.

  • You may be in a typical grocery store that carries no vegan products, trying to find one suitable for you.
  • Perhaps your meat eating relatives have invited you over for dinner and you have to bring a dish to pass--they are extremely critical of your diet and you want to prove to them that vegetarian food can be tastier than theirs.
  • Maybe you are bringing a dish to your girlfriend or boyfriend's parents house for dinner.
  • Maybe you and your friends are going out for dinner, but what will you order? Will they have vegetarian or vegan items on the menu?

To discover how the "How to Avoid Animal Ingredients Kit" will help you in all of these situations, read on....

What Is Included in the "How to Avoid Animal Ingredients Kit?"

  • 6 E-Books, plus one bonus Resource E-Book.
  • 5 Downloadable Videos on avoiding animal ingredients, and nutritional information about various types of vegetarian diets.
  • 1 Audio Seminar by Howard Lyman, Cattle Rancher turned Vegan.
  • Form Letters to send to your local restaurants, grocery stores, and fast food chains.
  • Access to our exclusive password protected website that links you to 6 databases of vegan and vegetarian grocers, restaurants, fast food chains, health food stores, and more! Search thousands of vegetarian establishments.

All of this is instantly downloadable after you complete your payment! No waiting for shipments, waiting in long lines, or even leaving your home!


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Take a Look at Each of the 7 E-Books in Detail:

E-Book #1:

Hidden Animal Ingredients Revealed:
Glossary of 612 Hidden Ingredients

  • Dictionary of 612 Hidden Ingredients found on product labels, and whether they are of animal origin or not. (Starting on page 7)
  • Includes definitions of confusing terms, whether the ingredient is vegan, vegetarian, not vegan, or unknown.
  • Includes detailed information about the origin of the ingredient: egg, dairy, animal, insect, mineral/manufactured, or plant origin.
  • We have kept nothing secret... including our sources of the information. Other dictionaries like these will not reveal where they obtained the information, but we make it possible for you to consult the original sources of our research at any time to find even more detailed information about the ingredients.
  • Alphabetized list that highlights certain items in the dictionary that are common items containing animal ingredients that you can watch out for every day. (Starting on page 31)
  • Chapter 3 is dedicated to explaining the world of label reading, including more in depth information about some of the items in the dictionary. (page 35)
  • Is kosher food suitable for vegans and vegetarians? Find out on page 37.
  • How to decode cosmetic labels. (Starting on page 39)
  • Detailed diagrams on various types of cosmetic packaging revealing where to find the ingredients lists (page 43-44)
  • And Much More!

Image of page 7
of the "Hidden Animal Ingredients Revealed" E-Book


Image of page 43 and 44
Detailed Diagrams Explaining of Cosmetic Labels


E-Book #2:

1008 Alcoholic Beverages:
Vegan, Vegetarian, or Neither?


  • Most alcoholic beverages are not required to list all their ingredients on the label. How can you separate vegan and vegetarian alcoholic beverages from those using animal products? Answer on page 3.
  • Detailed information about how animal ingredients are used in the production of alcoholic beverages: beer, cider, wine, spirits, and fortified wines. (Starting on page 3)
  • List of 486 vegan alcoholic beverages. (Starting on page 6)
  • List of 363 Vegetarian Alcoholic Beverages (starting on page 19)
  • List of 151 Non-Vegetarian/Non-Vegan Alcoholic Beverages. Stay away from these! (starting on page 29)
  • The lists above include information about Country/State of origin, Brand/Producer/Distributor, and detailed Notes about production and beverage type.
  • Information about how to contact alcoholic beverage producers to find out more about their ingredients.
  • Detailed information about how to obtain the most current information about animal ingredients in specific alcoholic beverages in question.


E-Book #3:

Secret Sources of Hundreds of Vegan, Vegetarian, and Cruelty-Free Products


  • Our recommended technique for ensuring that you are eating 100% animal-product-free foods. (Page 3)
  • List of 196 Vegan and Vegetarian Food Manufacturers. (Starting on page 4)
  • List of 511 companies that don't test on animals, including cosmetics, animal food, personal care, and household cleaning product companies. (Starting on page 32)
  • All of these lists include addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information. Many of these companies can be reached online to make it easy for you to purchase their products at a click of a button.
  • 17 Online Stores that exclusively specialize in cruelty-free products.
  • Do "pet" food companies perform tests on dogs and cats? Find out on page 50.
  • Over 37 "pet" food companies that do not test on animals. Many of these also offer vegan/vegetarian pet foods. (Starting on page 50)
  • List of 44 companies that test on animals. Stay away from these! (starting on page 52)
  • Companies which are currently suspending animal testing on a temporary basis, with contact information so you can encourage them to announce a permanent ban. (Starting on page 52)
  • Exclusive access to our password protected website which gives access to 6 databases of vegan and vegetarian grocers, restaurants, fast food establishments, health food stores, and more! (page 55)
  • This password protected website gives you access to thousands of vegan and vegetarian establishments that may be near to your home without you realizing it.

Above is an image of page 55, providing access
to the password protected online vegetarian/vegan databases website.

(Actual screenshot of a page of one of the 6 databases shown below)

Screenshot of our password protected website
Searches thousands of vegan and vegetarian grocers, restaurants, fast food establishments, health food stores, and organizations worldwide!


E-Book #4:

Practical Tips on
Avoiding Animal Ingredients


  • List of vegetarian and vegan items at the following fast food chains: Burger King, Harveys, Licks, McDonalds, Wendys, Mr. Sub, Subway, Pizza Pizza, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, New York Fries, and Tim Hortons. (Starting on page 26)
  • Lists 54 Food Categories such as dairy, soups, meats, desserts etc..., and provides vegan brand alternatives for each. (Starting on page 3)
  • Provides tips for eating out at restaurants, including which questions to ask the wait-staff to ensure that you receive vegetarian or vegan food. (Page 15)
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Ideas for Vegans (page 16)
  • Where to find Vegan Shoes (page 17)
  • Sample Vegan Recipes (starting on page 17)
  • Information about reduced cancer and heart disease risk and plant-based diets. (Page 22)
  • Tips on how to obtain nutrients that can sometimes be lacking in vegan diets.
  • Tips for traveling vegans and vegetarians on tours and rides, swim with the dolphin programs, and stray dogs and cats. (Page 30)
  • How to avoid animal exploitation regarding souvenirs, photo-ops, and exotic menus. (Page 31-32)
  • Detailed information about how cheese often includes a secret ingredient from the stomach of slaughtered calves. (Page 33)
  • How to make sure you are eating TRUE vegetarian cheese, not cheese with calf stomach products in it. (Page 34)
  • Why gelatin is unacceptable for both vegetarians and vegans. (Hint, it contains animal bones, tendons, and other tissues). (page 36)
  • 3 vegetarian/vegan alternatives to gelatin as well as detailed instructions about cooking each. (Starting on page 36)
  • 9 types of animal-derived clothing other than leather. You may not realize that some of these are of animal-origin. (Starting on page 39)
  • 4 types of plant-based clothing fibers and how they are produced. These are great alternatives to the animal based clothing products listed above. (Starting on page 42)


E-Book #5:

The Vegetarian Letter Writing Kit


  • Includes Vegetarian/Vegan Form letters for Restaurants, Grocery Stores and Grocery Store Chains, and Fast Food Establishments, encouraging them to carry more vegan and vegetarian items.
  • 25 tips for writing letters regarding vegetarianism and veganism.
  • Contact information for 48 fast food chains, grocery store chains, restaurants, and more.
  • You can simply enter your name and address to the form letters, print, and mail!
  • Each form letter includes a list of 196 Vegetarian and Vegan Food Manufacturers (27 pages!) for them to keep. When they receive your letter, it will be sure to capture their attention because of this extensive list. It is sure to not be thrown in the garbage or lost on their desk.
  • Each listed establishment includes contact information for you to use to send the form letters. Many also include a direct link to contacting the business via email.

Picture of one of the form letters included in the kit.


First page of 27 page resource list included with each form letter


E-Book #6:

How to Avoid False Advertising Claims Targeting Vegetarians and Vegans

SPECIAL NOTE: Although this information does not pertain specifically to avoiding animal ingredients, I found it so essential and relevant to vegetarians and vegans that it would be a crime and a disservice to not include it in the "How to Avoid Animal Ingredients Kit."

In fact, anyone who is interested in 1) Protecting the environment or 2) Nutrition and Health Food or 3) Organic food is susceptible to these deceptive marketing techniques. Read on to discover what is in this valuable E-Book.

E-Book #6...

  • Lists 6 essential tips for sorting out environmental advertising claims. (Page 3)
  • Gives 15 examples of deceptive environmental advertising claims that you may be seeing every day.
  • Unveils how "Ozone safe" and "Ozone friendly" products may actually still be contributing to smog and other environmental damage. (Page 16)
  • Describes how recycle symbols and "recycled content" claims may not always mean what you think they mean. (Page 13-14)
  • Uncovers the truth that some products labeled"degradable" "biodegradable" and "photodegradable" actually take decades to decompose in a landfill, if they decompose at all. (Page 10)
  • 3 top ailments that unscrupulous advertisers target for fraudulent "miracle" health claims.
  • How to assess claims for dietary supplements. Are your vegan or vegetarian supplements making any of these sample false claims? (page 18)
  • 7 signs of a fraudulent health claim. (Page 19)
  • Why the term "natural" may not always mean that a product is safe. (Page 20)
  • How some herbal products can actually have negative side effects, and how to benefit from herbal products without health risks. (Page 20-21)
  • Discover food health claims that have been proven, and how to distinguish them from unproven, exaggerated claims on food labels (Page 23)
  • Which foods labeled"organic" are really organic and what does "organic" officially mean? Answer on page 28.
  • How to spot true organic foods, including photos and images of sample packaging (see sample pages below). (page 29)
  • Are the terms "natural" and "organic" interchangeable? Surprising answer on page 30.
  • How to file a complaint if you see false advertising on organic foods. (Page 31)

Picture of page 14, analyzing recycling symbols on sample product packaging.


Picture of page 29, analyzing organic food claims on various packages.


E-Book #7:

Vegetarian Nutrition Resource E-Book

In a Recent Survey, 50% of vegetarians and vegans rated NUTRITIONAL questions as their most important questions regarding vegetarianism.

Are you frustrated with not being able to find good information on vegetarian and vegan nutrition? Do have nagging questions such as "Am I getting enough protein?" or "Am I getting the right vitamins?" Are you looking for a good resource for Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition? Read on to discover what is included in the "Vegetarian Nutrition Resource E-Book"
  • Over 30 recommended books on various aspects of Vegetarian and Vegan nutrition and how to find them.
  • Exact website addresses for over 65 articles regarding veggie nutrition.
  • Over 100 recommended resources, pamphlets, websites, and books for vegetarian infants, pregnant women, vegetarian adolescents, elderly vegetarians, and athletes.
  • Resources on preventing diseases with vegetarian and vegan diets.
  • Information on Soyfoods and Vegetarian Recipes

THESE RESOURCES ARE DOCTOR REVIEWED AND RECOMMENDED: Resources in this E-Book have been compiled by a Medical Doctor and Dietitian, and have been reviewed by a Registered Dietitian and a Registered Nurse, and approved by Food and Nutrition Information Center at the USDA.



IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are still reading, I know we've covered a lot of ground so far. However, I have more news about the free bonuses I'm offering. I urge you,

Do not skip over this part of the letter...



Buy the "How to Avoid Animal Ingredients Kit" Now
and Get 5 Free Bonus Videos and One Audio-Lecture


What I'm about to tell you should bring some urgency to your purchase. Dr. Michael Gregor, M.D. Howard Lyman, and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have given us non-exclusive rights to distribute the following videos as FREE BONUSES along with the "How to Avoid Animal Ingredients Kit."

Don't delay to purchase the kit, because Dr. Gregor, Howard Lyman, and PETA have graciously allowed us to offer their valuable material, but I have no idea how long they will allow us to distribute these materials over the Internet. This is no fault of theirs... some of the information is quite controversial and cutting edge. PETA's videos frequently are banned because of their controversial nature. It is quite possible that we may need to take these materials off of our website in the future. Don't take a chance at losing out..or Click Here to Buy Now.


FREE Bonus #1:

Howard Lyman Lectures on Veganism, Chemicals in the Beef Industry, Mad-Cow Disease and How He was Sued by an Association of Texas Cattlemen.

Mp3 Audio File: 121 minutes.

In this groundbreaking lecture, Lyman uncovers the dangerous and potentially deadly practices of the cattle and dairy industry.

Howard Lyman, the "Mad Cowboy" has an amazing story. If you haven't heard of him, you should check out

He is a fourth-generation cattle rancher turned Vegan Activist. He was a family farmer in Montana for almost 40 years. He has worked in a large organic dairy, raised registered beef cattle, owned a large factory feedlot, farmed thousands of acres of grain, reproduced a herd of over one thousand commercial beef cows, raised chickens, pigs, and turkeys, and grown crops such as wheat, barley, oats, corn, alfalfa, and grass.

From all the chemicals he was working with, he ended up with a near crippling spinal tumor, and emerged a Vegan. In case you haven't guessed, this guy totally knows what he's talking about when discussing Veganism, agriculture, and the meat industry.

Don't miss out on this one. I know Howard has developed his own DVD product of a similar nature, so this may not be available as a FREE bonus for long. He is kindly allowing us to continue distributing this for the time being.

The value of this lecture alone may be worth the price of this entire kit.


FREE Video Bonus #2:

Is it true that the death rate from cancer and heart disease equal between vegetarians and meat eaters? Are vegetarians and vegans as healthy as they should be?

Dr. Michael Greger, MD Lectures on Surprising New Research on Omega 3s and B12s

Downloadable Video File: 60 minutes
( Mp3 Audio File available if you have a slow Internet connection)

"Michael Greger, MD is a physician, a prize-winning cook, and an internationally recognized speaker on a number of important public health and social justice issues. Dr. Greger has been invited to lecture at countless universities, medical schools and conferences around the world, including the Conference on World Affairs and the World Vegetarian Congress. This semester he is also teaching part of Dr. T. Colin Campbell's Vegetarian Nutrition course at Cornell University." (taken from Dr. Greger's official bio)


FREE Video Bonus #3:
Dr. Michael Greger Lectures on Mad Cow Disease: Plague of the 21st Century?

Downloadable Video File: 43 minutes
(Mp3 Audio File available if you have a slow Internet connection)

In this video, Dr. Michael Greger discusses implications of Mad Cow Disease in the United States.

  • Is the American beef industry continuing to risk public safety while the USDA remains complacent?
  • Does the USDA protect business interests over those of the average citizen?
  • What can we do to protect our families from contracting the human form of Mad Cow Disease, variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.

Find out the answers to these questions by downloading FREE BONUS #3



FREE Bonus #4:

Virgil Butler, Ex-Employee of the Month at a Slaughterhouse (now a Vegetarian), Reveals Shocking Facts about How Chickens are Slaughtered.

Downloadable Video: 3 minutes, 31 seconds.



FREE Bonus #5:

CHEW ON THIS: Video Produced by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) present some very convincing reasons for becoming a vegetarian, mostly from an animal rights perspective.

Downloadable Video: 3 minutes, 41 seconds.


AGAIN, I want to repeat myself regarding these free bonuses. I have no idea how long they will allow me to distribute these materials over the Internet. The authors have given me full permission to distribute their material, but they do have the right to ask me to remove their video/audio files at any time. If they do, I will gladly comply because I know the controversial positions they are in.

I and my staff have created the rest of the kit from scratch, so I own all the other copyrights... but these video and audio files are here at the authors' discretion and kindness... don't miss out on these free bonuses by delaying to buy the kit.

Click To Buy This Kit at ClickBank Now, while these Free Bonuses are Still Available.


Alright, Enough Already!
How Much Does this Kit Cost?

Normally all the information in this package would not be offered together, but as separate books. However, in my research I've discovered that no single book can completely solve all the challenges to living a totally animal-product-free lifestyle. Some books focus animal ingredients in foods. Some focus on animal cruelty issues. Some help you find restaurants or grocers offering veggie products. However, in order to successfully navigate a meat-eating world, all of the above components are needed.

That is why we've packaged everything together.

So what Price tag would you put on a package of 7 valuable e-books, 5 videos, 1 audio seminar, and access to 6 databases of vegetarian restaurants and stores?

If you price each e-book at $12 each (which is inexpensive for a book these days) and multiply that by 7 (the number of e-books you receive), that would be a total $84 value for just the books. Add in 5 videos at $20/video and $16 for the audio talk, and the total value of this Kit is $200.

Not to mention that to attend a seminars by Michael Greger and Howard Lyman (two of the authors of the free bonus material) could cost you hundreds of dollars in seminar fees, airfare, and hotel stays.

Just to reiterate the above paragraph, here is the math:

7 e-books X $12 per book =
$84 value
5 videos X $20 per video =
$100 value
(despite their value, we agreed with the authors to offer them for free)
1 audio seminar =
$16 value
$200 value


The normal cost of obtaining this kind of information would be over $200. I can confirm that figure because I've created reference works like these for libraries for a number of years and they were always sold to libraries for $68 to $78 per book (much more than the $12 per book I estimated above). You can go ahead and search for my name "Chad Kimball" on and you'll see the cost of my books (my books are all the ones with the red covers). Despite the high value of this package, my mission is to offer a drastic discount on the same quality of information to that I've provided to libraries at high cost.

Rather than Sell This Kit for Its $200 Value,
I've Decided to Make this Kit Available to You
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Like I said before, the entire "How to Avoid Animal Ingredients Kit" is totally downloadable, so there are NO shipping costs, NO travel costs, and the entire Kit, plus the free bonuses, can be experienced in the comfort of your own home.

Nowhere on the Internet will you find such a large amount of content on this topic, all available for download, at this price.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Kit is a downloadable product.
After you submit your payment you will be automatically sent to the download page for the Kit.
If you've never downloaded anything before, we will lead you through the simple process step by step.

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-Access to 6 databases of vegetarian restaurants and stores

(Your Payment will go to

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Kit is a downloadable product.
After you submit your payment you will be automatically sent to the download page for the Kit.
If you've never downloaded anything before, we will lead you through the simple process step by step.

Click Here in the next 2 Days To Buy This Kit At ClickBank

Your Purchase Is Backed by My
No Hassles 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you have read through the 7 ebooks and watched the instructional videos and you feel that this product has failed you in any way, you deserve to keep the product for free for your time and trouble.

Please, if you are dissatisfied in any way, simply email me ( or call 773.475.5396 within 90 days of purchasing the Kit, and I will personally refund 100% of the price you paid for the kit.

... and you get to keep all the contents of the kit for your trouble, even after I refund your money!




Chad Kimball, Senior Editor
"How To Avoid Animal Ingredients Kit"

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